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They stretch from San Diego in the south to Sonoma in the north. Some are located right in the middle of bustling towns and cities, while others sit in rural isolation. Located along the route of the original El Camino Real, many have become well-known tourist destinations visited by hundreds of thousands of people from literally all over the world. Yet others, located on the same route, remain obscure and almost forgotten. They come in all shapes and sizes, represent different styles of architecture and are presently in varying stages of restoration. Some are State Historic Parks, while most others are still active churches.

We're talking, of course, about the California Missions and even though they differ in many ways, these missions have become part of the history and lore of our state and endure today as true California treasures.

In this very special ten part miniseries, entitled simply "California Missions," Huell Howser and cameraman Luis Fuerte set out on a quest to visit all 21 missions that run much of the length of present-day California.

The miniseries features three missions in each thirty-minute episode, which will air this fall on all 13 PBS affiliates throughout California for seven consecutive weeks. We started in San Diego and literally drove up the coast. It was the most fascinating and enlightening trip of my life. I now have a better understanding of just what it is about these wonderful missions that continues to captivate so many people after all these years.
Huell learns about the legacy of Alaska's "Glacier Priest" and his connection to California.
California's Gold #906 - CHINA CLIPPER
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California's Gold #906 - CHINA CLIPPER
They were huge flying boats named after the great sailing ships that in the1800's sailed the oceans of the world. The luxurious Pan American"Clipper" planes of the 1930's took cargo, mail and passengers aroundthe world in what was, for its time, considered a daring and pioneering feat.

Pan American's Treasure Island terminal and lagoon became the home port forthe Clipper's Pacific operations -- connecting the United States with the FarEast by air. Starting in the mid-1930s, and lasting for only five years,residents of the Bay Area were treated to the sights and sounds of these hugeboat planes taking off and heading out over the Pacific.

Recently in a very special episode of "California's Gold," historyrepeated itself as, once again, a boat plane landed on the Bay, taxied up to adocking area near Treasure Island, took on passengers and flew out over thecity. This episode is a tribute to the "China Clipper" and itsCalifornia connection.

The original Terminal building on Treasure Island is the stage where formerPan American pilots and crew members who actually flew the Clipper, gather oncemore for conversation and reminiscing. Producer/host, Huell Howser experienceshis high point when he climbs aboard one of these historic boat planes with twoformer crew members for a short, exciting flight around the Bay area.

The days of the Clipper are gone forever, replaced decades ago by long-rangejets. But for a few hours on a beautiful spring afternoon, some of the glorydays of the great Clipper ships, and the people who made those days happen,returned to Treasure Island.

It's a look back at a glorious part of our aviation history as we take to theair in search of "California's Clipper Gold".

China Clipper

California's Green #132 - WIND POWER
Huell gets a private bus tour of a wind farm in Southern California?s Coachella Valley. The ?windmill tour? shows us the history, technology, and economic benefits of wind as a natural power source.
Alaska! #5 - GUSTAVUS VHS
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California's Green #136 - REFRIGERATORS
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Huell visits the charming little town of Gustavus, the internationally recognized "Gateway to Glacier Bay National Park". California's Green #136 - REFRIGERATORS
Huell goes on a "green" adventure to find out how all those old refrigerators that get thrown away each day are recycled. We'll follow an old fridge from a home all the way through the entire process.

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California's Gold #146 - IN-N-OUT BURGER
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